Bottomless Bubbly Banquet :)

Terms and Conditions Apply 


1: Sunday – Thursday advanced booking is necessary for tables of four or more.  Walk-in tables will be subject to availability. 

2 Friday – Saturday tables must be booked in advance for any size table. 

3: A £10 deposit (non-refundable) is required per person when confirming the booking. 

4: Sitting time is 2.5 hours (starts at the booking time). If the party is delayed by guests, 

the sitting time will end at the scheduled time. If the party is delayed by Verve 37, the sitting time will be extended. 

5: No self-service is available. 

6: Guests are permitted one alcoholic drink per person at one time. 

7: Discount cards and offers cannot be used in conjunction with the Banquet. 

8: Verve 37 reserves the right to stop the Banquet/Brunch at any time and to refuse service of alcohol to any guests who are considered intoxicated. 

BOTTOMLESS BANQUET: Please beware food is done in freshly made rounds, round one is Chefs Choice this is to speed up service, round 2 and so on is immediately ordered when the previous round has come to your table. - When booking on a Saturday (All Day) and Friday (Night) service can be slower as we are generally fully booked. 


Offer is available 7 days a week, subject to availability.  

Please speak with a member of staff if you would like to find out more about our Bottomless Bubbly Banquet. 

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